Why do People Delay in Purchasing H&S Insurance?

Source/Credit To : http://www.malaysiainsuranceguide.com

Many people are aware the importance of H&S insurance, however, some common beliefs / mental barriers still hold them back from taking up H&S insurance. The common beliefs are:

Belief: I do not believe in H&S Insurance

The fact is: Everyday many people who thought they are healthy admitted to hospital. Ambulances that drove past you on the roads are not just out there practicing.

Belief: I cannot afford it

The fact is: We never heard H&S insurance policyholders who admitted to hospital complained about having H&S insurance. If you cannot afford the premium, you certainly would not able to settle the hospital bills.

Furthermore, there are various H&S insurance products ranging from basic coverage which is cheaper to comprehensive coverage which is more expensive.

Belief: I need to think about it

The fact is: Procrastination is one of the biggest enemies in our life. Many companies allow applicants to submit their application form without paying the premium. You only need to make a decision when the application result is out and proceed with the premium payment if you satisfy with the insurance plan.

Belief: Do not need it

The fact is: You need to have H&S insurance when you do not need it. If you wait until you get sick or injured, then it is too late to buy. You need to have good health conditions when applying for H&S insurance.

Belief: I will never failed sick / I am always healthy / Accident will never happen to me

The fact is: Nobody knows what is going to happen on us tomorrow. We seldom use the spare tyre in our car boot but it must always be there for emergency purpose.

Belief: Never ending comparisons

The fact is: It is worthy to compare plans from various insurance companies, however, give yourself a deadline. Without deadline, you will never make a decision.