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While we are privileged to live in a wonderfully rich, peaceful and beautiful country we call home, we are faced with worrying medical statistics. The number of Malaysian needing medical attention is increasing. Attributing to the sicknesses are mostly overeating, more people smoking and not exercising! Meanwhile, the cost of medical and hospitalization is also on the hike! Based on recent statistics, the Malaysian medical inflation is between 10% to 15% per annum!

In 2005, according to survey conducted by BNM, it is estimated that only about 15% of the total population have Medical & Health Insurance (MHI) protection. A Genuine Cause of Concern! ADMISSIONS IN GOVERNMENT HOSPITAL YEAR 2005 1,842,688 CASES 3.5 ADMISSIONS per minute !!! Sources: Planning and Developmet Division, Information & Documentation System Unit,Ministry of Health Malaysia, July 2006

On our part, we still can make a difference! As responsible individuals and family figures, we should seriously address these worrying facts. Within our own control, we can decide to do a couple of VERY IMPORTANT things ...
  • Adopt Healthy Diet & Do NOT Overeat!
  • Choose to Stop Smoking or Do NOT Start Smoking!
  • Exercise Regularly!
  • Go for Regular Health Check Ups!
  • Ensure You & Your Family is Adequately Covered with Medical & Health Insurance! Transfer your Risk Away!